Trap Up Nightmares & m.A.A.d Bar Mitvahs

tumblr_mcjtwjDftA1qa4s9zThis year October has a lot more to offer this time around than costumes and candy. In fact, it’s been one of the best months of 2012 for hip-hop with six of the most anticipated projects of the year being released. From gritty street anthems to Wilhelmina model bars, there is a little something for the rap fan in everyone.

“The Black Bar Mitzvah” by Rick Ross

Release Date: October 8th

Favorite Song(s): “Us” ft. Drake & Lil Reese

Verdict: Coming off the release and success of “God Forgives, I Don’t” the “Bar Mitzvah” wasn’t really necessary but, it’s always nice to hear Rozay jump on someone else’s track and ultimately show them up on it. You get classic Ross being his elaborate self, (i.e. “she sweet as my swisha/when I nut she get richer/take her shoppin’ for hours/just for my Instagram pictures) but that’s why you love him. It was also interesting to hear him address the Roscoe Dash/Wale song beef on Lil Wayne’s “No Worries” beat. The opening lines were, “My bitch so mean/She bite down on my dick/I call her Roscoe Dash/She be writin’ all of my shit.” Not sure what’ll come from it, but if I know MMG, I know that once the boss has spoken that’s pretty much the end.

“Lace Up” by Machine Gun Kelly

Release Date: October 9th

Favorite Song(s): “Wild Boy”

Verdict: Machine Gun Kelly is one of those rappers who I like in theory. To clarify, I LOVE him as a personality. His “don’t give a fuck” attitude is always entertaining and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to cheer on the bad kid in class? But, his music? Eh… I could do without. “Wild Boy” was obviously crazy (and the remix only made it better), but in my mind the impact of “Lace Up” didn’t change my opinion of him musically, which is that bar for bar he’s not that cold. While looking for something other than “Wild Boy” to latch on to, I found myself pulling for “Edge of Destruction” only to be impressed with the other two featured fast spitters, Twista and Tech N9ne, and let down by MGK himself. So, I say this to say, would I like to take shots and wild out in the club with this Cleveland boy? Yes. Will “Lace Up” be in rotation? Doubt it.

“Trap Gold” by Iggy Azalea

Release Date: October 12th

Favorite Song(s): “Quicktime”

Verdict: I am very impressed with Ms. Iggs. Since the whole modeling situation has risen, I feel like Iggy has been getting even more shade than usual, but she came back and followed up her EP “Glory” in an excellent way. I still find her pseudo-southern accent weirdly addictive to listen to, but I have nothing but good things to say about “Trap Gold.” Thankfully, it wasn’t saturated with T.I. features (which could’ve easily happened) and Iggy’s own voice was clear with her talking about what she knows instead of guns and slinging. Rhymes about: Being pretty, check. Shutting dudes down, check. Hating chicks, check. Not to mention being spit over some hot ass beats. Basically, this mixtape is full of music that every woman can “pretty girl rock” with.

“Trap God” by Gucci Mane

Release Date: October 17th

Favorite Song(s): “Get Lost” & “Head Shots”

Verdict: Welcome back! Gucci has been coming for EVERYONE in the industry lately from T.I. to Yung Joc and thankfully “Trap God” backed up his claims of greatness. No there aren’t any intricate metaphors or double entendres, but it’s Gucci and honestly I didn’t download it to learn something. I only wanted to have songs that remind me of my weed smoking, club rolling past that never existed. The most excellently ratchet release since 2 Chainz’ “T.R.U.” story, “Trap God” serves up great features, a much shade intended shot at Jeezy (“Truth”), and the return of one the best rappers from the A. Gucci did not disappoint his true fans at all.

“Good Kid, m.A.A.d City” by Kendrick Lamar

 Release Date: October 22nd

Favorite Song(s): “M.A.A.D City,” “The Art of Peer Pressure,” and “Sherane A.K.A Master Splinter’s Daughter”

Verdict: There was a lot of pressure and super high expectations for the Compton kid. Signed to Dre. West Coast torch passed down by Snoop Dogg. So many odds stacked up for him to fail, and he did nothing, but deliver. It was hard for me to pick a favorite few songs because honestly I love EVERY song on the album. The difference between GKMC and so many others is that it’s a real story. From the personal intros and outros to tales of growing an irresponsible kid, Kendrick manages to come across with amazing lyricism while also painting a picture. On “The Art of Peer Pressure” he spits, “I got the blunt in my mouth/Usually I’m drug free/But shit I’m with the homies.” His relatable tales of being young, having crazy fun and living make his debut identifiable to every 20-something. In addition to the words though, every beat on GKMC is an instant classic. I’m not a big fan of protégée artist having their albums saturated by their influencer, but Kendrick does an awesome job of paying homage to the West Coast trailblazers while introducing the new Cali sound. If you can’t tell already, this album is perfection for me.

“Dreams & Nightmares” by Meek Mill

Released: October 30th

Favorite Song(s): “Believe It” & “Young And Gettin’ It”

Verdict: It was hard to judge this for three reasons: 1) I’m so damn proud that a Philly rapper is blowing that he could be playing the flute and I’d have good things to say 2) It just came out today, so I’ve listened to it the least and 3) In my mind, “Dreamchasers 2” was so amazing that not only did I think it should’ve been Meek’s debut, but it upped the ante for the actual album. BUT, my unbiased opinion of “Dreams & Nightmares” is that it’s…good, but expected. To say I’m happy about what he’s doing is an understatement, but when you listen to it, you’re not necessarily getting anything… novel. But, most Meek fans are gangstas and they will probably appreciate that. Me personally, I would’ve liked some growth as far as his tone or lyrics but, what the hell? With Meek it’s either love it or leave it alone.


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