It’s beautiful. It’s gritty. Damn it, it’s New York City.

tumblr_inline_mo21kjm9H31qz4rgpI’ve been living in New York City for exactly a week now and for better or worse, it’s made me realize why I just can’t stay away. Being from from Philly and going to school in Los Angeles, I can honestly say there’s nowhere like New York. I’ve been to NYC countless times before but, actually living here for a period of time is going to be quite an experience from what I can tell. Currently I’m interning at the Metro New York newspaper in the features section and though it’s only been three days, I’ve already written six articles. The old adage of the city that never sleeps has been proven to me more than I could imagine. Tonight is the first “chill” night since I’ve arrived. It’s pouring down raining, my homegirl and I are staying in, eating popcorn and watching Bridezillas. I’ll be here for another seven weeks. And I plan to make them memorable.



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