How Kanye, Jay Z and AXS Ruined My Morning

When Jay Z and Kanye announced their individual tours this past Friday, most sane people thought, “Ah, now I’ve got to decide which side of the Throne is more important… ”

Fortunately for me, I’m not all that sane.

In my mind, those words read competition, albeit PR stunt, but competition nonetheless.

Competition between Jay and Kanye, but importantly competition between mysel and crazy fans like me to get good seats (and of course at both shows).

On Monday I decided that I just couldn’t wait until Friday to get tickets, so I went on the presale struggle: signing up for email that I’ll never use, searching Twitter and downloading apps that’ll probably get deleted by the week’s end just to get that password.

When I realized that Jay Z and Kanye’s presales were on different dates I thought, “Wow! They really care enough not to send me crazy getting tickets at the same time!”

Well, I spoke too damn soon. Yesterday was LONG to say the least. A four hour night class, followed by two homework assignments and the typical grad struggle problems. Needless to say, I didn’t go to sleep until 4am. But I’m diligent, so I got up at 9 to prep for “Yeezus” day and at 9:55, I was ready.

Too bad AXS wasn’t ready. As soon as I logged on to my fresh new AXS app, a blaring headline came up, “YEEZUS TOUR PRESALE RESCHEDULED, 9/12 at 10am PDT.”

Now, being the pseudo conspiracy theorist that I am my mind immediately went to the fact that not only am I up with four hours of sleep (and no class today), but now both presales are happening at the EXACT SAME TIME. This is pure devil’s (and insane public relations department) work. What’s a Throne fan to do?


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