Catfish, Craigslist & Other Reasons Technology Is Ruining Dating

Remember the good old days when you usonline-dating-is-losing-its-stigma-among-single-americansed to meet a nice guy at the bookstore, actually talk to, not text them and maybe, just MAYBE have a relationship? Well, the good old Cosmo days of dating are all but, gone for good and people think that Facebooking and non-video related g-chatting are acceptable means of dating. MTV’s “Catfish” is the perfect example of how as great as technology is, it can be completely dangerous. For instance, on one of the episodes, one of the girls literally talked to a guy for 8 months, never saw him in person, never video chatted with him, believed that he was a model/Chelsea Lately PA/anesthesiology student and that he lived in LA. And you know what? “He” turned out to be an 18-year-old bi-curious girl from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Now, that may be an extreme case, but for the most part the actual “date” aspect has been completely removed from dating mostly because the instantaneous nature of our lives lead us to shortcuts. These shortcuts lead to craziness like Plenty-O-Fish and Craiglist and before you know it, your prince charming is actually an 80-year-old man in diapers. Call me cray, but for some reason I feel like there’s still room for normalcy in relationships. Take the time to know people and not profiles. Take the data out of dating.




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