10 Positions You’ll Find While Looking for a Job

  1. Job that sounds interesting — pays an unlivable wage/is part-time.
  2. Job that sounds interesting, is in your desired field, and that you would enjoy doing — they REQUIRE someone with 5-10 years more experience than you have or a Master’s/PhD (Bonus Points: it pays barely above minimum wage).
  3. Job that you would be perfect for — posted over a month ago.
  4. Job you did in high school/college — won’t hire you because you’re “overqualified”.
  5. Job that would be really amazing to do, pays an insane amount of money, sounds too good to be true — it is.
  6. Job you don’t really care about, but it would pay enough and the hours would be decent, as would the benefits and commute — you spend 2 hours on the application and never hear a word.
  7. Job that sounds really, really cool — unpaid internship.
  8. Your last job.
  9. Job you wouldn’t normally consider and aren’t really at all interested in, but because you’re desperate you apply — they call for an interview.
  10. Job you read the description of 12 times and still can’t seem to figure out what the job actually is — they hire you.

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